Mochila MAP/MBSS para chaleco, TAN


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Hydration Capacity: 3.0L

High-quality nylon material, waterproof anti-corrosion, durable, taking into account the comfort, feel softer
Molle system MBSS Hydration Backpack (excluding water bag liner and sleeves), a prototype system that the U.S. military MBSS MAP (Modular Assault Pack), made ​​a corresponding improvement, increasing the ease shoulder straps can be hidden, both shoulders back, can also be mounted on vests and other equipment.

Hydration positions separated by nylon diamond mesh, breathable and quick-drying.

Has drainage holes at the bottom of the backpack.

Dimensions: 15.75 cm (H) × 8.2 mm (W) × 3.9 mm (T)